About Us

Our company has been in business for almost a decade and has partnered with responsible and ethical animal conservation programs across southern Africa. As an organization our highest priority is to ensure that each program we work with benefits from the support of volunteers both financially and through service work. With hundreds of programs being available, we want to ensure that our volunteers are participating and supporting programs whose greatest importance is animal, environmental and social conservation.

Why travel with Volunteer Southern Africa…

  • Volunteer Southern Africa has developed strong long-term relationships with each program to ensure that premium volunteer experiences are delivered.
  • Volunteer Southern Africa representatives are constantly visiting each program to ensure programs are maintaining high level of standards and that volunteers are enjoying their experience.
  • Volunteer Southern Africa provides, honest, accurate and up to date information to ensure volunteers are properly prepared prior to their arrival.
  • Volunteer Southern Africa allows volunteers the opportunity to experience the vibrant energy of southern Africa.
  • Volunteer Southern Africa provides support throughout the duration of a volunteer’s time in southern Africa.


Most importantly, Volunteer Southern Africa ensures volunteers are looked after, happy and safe; giving volunteers the confidence to travel southern Africa!

Canned lion hunting policy

Volunteer Southern Africa sees the care of all animals as paramount. Therefore, we have not, do not, and will not ever, under any circumstances, support any facility that sells lions to the canned hunting industry, whether directly or indirectly. We will gladly investigate any and all claims of animal abuse or accusations that our partners are involved in. If it were to be discovered that one of our project locations is contributing in any sort of way to the canned lion hunting, we would remove our company and our volunteers from the respective location effective immediately. Should you have any current proof that details any of our partners working with, for, or in cooperation with the canned lion hunting industry, please reach out to us, as we would like to hear from you and subsequently take appropriate action.

Volunteer Southern Africa will continue to support the zero tolerance against animal abuse initiative and we vow to our volunteers that we will never associate them, as well as ourselves, with canned lion hunting