Start planning your African adventure

Planning a trip is fun and exciting but sometimes a bit overwhelming. We understand the hesitation and worry when traveling to Africa; luckily, we are experts in the field. From working with thousands of volunteers over the years, we can help with any of your preparation and make sure you feel 100% confident and comfortable before you board your plane.

Please see below details regarding flights, visa’s and insurance.

If there are any additional questions, please reach out to us at

Booking your Flights

Once volunteers are accepted to their chosen volunteer program, they can start looking for flights. Volunteers are responsible for their own flights and can book them through their own travel agent or check Sky Scanner for cheapest prices.

Please note that each program has a specific airport that volunteers must arrive at; therefore, we ask that volunteers wait to book flights until after they have received a confirmation email and Pre Departure Guide. It is important that volunteers do not book flights until your placement dates are confirmed.

Once your flights are booked, be sure to send the details to us at so we can prepare for your arrival.


Ensure that you are covered for your volunteer adventure in South Africa! It is essential that you have suitable travel insurance and Volunteer Southern Africa offers volunteers travel insurance at a special rate. Please see the full details of the costs and policy schedule below.

To arrange travel insurance, please contact us at


  • It is essential to arrange travel insurance when you book flights so that you have cancellation coverage.
  • It is essential that your insurance covers you in the event of any medical emergencies.
  • If you choose to take (or already have) alternative travel insurance please read it carefully as many policies do NOT cover volunteering.
  • Read your policy details carefully and ensure that you take a copy of them when you travel.
  • If you have chosen alternative travel insurance please e-mail us your insurance details so we have a record of it.

Travel Insurance Rate and Details

VSA’s volunteers are offered a special rate of $3 USD per day. This also applies to any travel before or after your time at the project.

The below Schedule of Benefits forms are part of the insurance contract and must be read in conjunction with the Policy Wording Document where the full terms and conditions are stated.

Download the above information –  VSA Insurance Policy Details


Ensure you are aware of your VISA requirements prior to your arrival. Please inquire through the South African embassy in your country or go to the South African Home Affairs for more information regarding visa requirements. Please note, we are not responsible for your travelling documentation.


At time of travel, all passengers under 18 years of age are required to travel with an unabridged birth certificate, in addition to a valid passport, with effect from 01 June 2015. It is the responsibility of travelers to familiarize themselves with the new Immigration Act detailing the regulations or minors departing from, transition and return to South Africa.

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