Ensure that you are covered for your volunteer adventure in South Africa! It is essential that you have suitable travel insurance.
Volunteer Southern Africa offers volunteers travel insurance at a special rate.  Please see the full details of the costs and policy schedule below.
To arrange travel insurance please tick the ‘I require insurance’ box on your online application and we will contact you with further information


  • : It is essential to arrange travel insurance when you book flights so that you have cancellation cover
  • : It is essential that your insurance covers you in the event of any medical emergencies
  • : If you choose to take (or already have) alternative travel insurance please read it carefully as many policies do NOT cover volunteering
  • : Check that your insurance policy covers any other activities you may want to do during your trip
  • : Read your policy details carefully and ensure that you take a copy of them when you travel
  • : If you have chosen alternative travel insurance please Email us your insurance details so we have a record of them

Travel Insurance Rate
Volunteer SA’s volunteers are offered a special rate of $3 USD per day.  This also applies to any travel before or after your time at the project.


Insurance Details

CareMed International Travel Insurance:

The CareMed insurance plan is adapted to the needs of young travelers worldwide.

CareMed travel insurance has to be taken out prior to the date of departure from home country for the whole period abroad, maximum 24 months.

The 24-hour emergency center provides excellent service around-the-clock to travelers in various languages. Claims offices in America and in Europe offer fast and efficient claim handling.

Limitations and exclusions: The travel health insurance covers acute illnesses and accidents. Routine exams, preventive medication and pre-existing conditions are excluded.


Schedule of Benefits – Summary (all Benefits in EUR)


Travel Health Insurance (HA) Tariff VB-KV 2012 (CareMed-Gruppenverträge)

  • Outpatient Care at a Doctor or Specialist office: 100%
  • Medically prescribed medicines and dressings: 100%
  • Medically prescribed massages, medical packages and inhalations per year up to: 100%
  • Pregnancy check-ups and treatments: 100%
  • Delivery – after a waiting period of 8 months: 100%
  • Medically prescribed adjuvants following an accident: 100%
  • Painkilling dental treatment at 100% per year up to: EUR 1,000
  • Restoring function of dentures at 50% per year up to: EUR 2,000
  • Cost of in-patient treatment in a shared room: 100%
  • Transportation to in-patient treatment: 100%
  • Medically required rehabilitation measures: 100%
  • Cost of patient’s transportation home: 100%
  • Repatriation/funeral costs up to: EUR 25,000

The contents of the insurance terms and conditions VB-KV 2012 (CareMed-Gruppenverträge) and the insurance confirmation are the decisive factors for the scope of the insurance coverage. Please also note the limitations of benefits stipulated under § 6 of VB-KV 2012 (CareMed-Gruppenverträge).


Property Travel Insurance Tariff VB-RS 2012 (CareMed-Gruppenverträge)

Accident Insurance

  • In the event of death: EUR 5,000
  • In case of invalidity: EUR 40,000
  • For rescue costs: EUR 2,500
  • Progression in the event of complete invalidity: 350%

Liability Insurance

  • For personal injuries and damage to property: EUR 2.5 Million
  • Damage to rented property: EUR 25,00
  • Deportation costs (own share 10%, minimum of EUR 100): EUR 5,000

Travel Assistance

  • Family member to the bedside of the insured person (>14 days in-patient): 100%
  • Return trip due to an emergency: EUR 1,000

Travel Luggage Insurance

  • Valuable (e.g. photographic equipment, laptop): 50%
  • Audio player, portable DVD player: EUR 250
  • Surfboards and windsurfing equipment: EUR 500
  • Golfing equipment, etc.: EUR 500
  • Mobile telephone, glasses, contact lenses, hearing aid: EUR 250
  • Damage due to delay in delivery (necessary replacements): EUR 500The co

The contents of the insurance terms and conditions VB-RS 2012 (CareMed-Gruppenverträge) and the insurance confirmation are the decisive factors for the scope of the insurance coverage. Please also note the limitations of benefits stipulated under VB-RS 2012 (CareMed-Gruppenverträge).


Premium USD 3  (per Person and Travel Day)

This Schedule of Benefits forms part of the insurance contract and must be read in conjunction with the Policy Wording Document where the full terms and conditions are stated.

Download the above Information Volunteer SA Insurance Download