Living with Sea Turtles | Volunteer Southern Africa

Living with Sea Turtles Volunteer Program

Situated in Sodwana Bay, the Living with Sea Turtles program allows volunteers to work side by side marine conservationists to ensure the survival of multiple sea turtle species.

Six of the world’s seven sea turtle species are on the vulnerable to critically endangered list to becoming extinct. As a volunteer you can help make a difference by helping to conduct vital research that will contribute to the conservation of turtles globally. This programs allows volunteers to help with measurements, discovery of nests, determining the number of eggs, tagging the female turtles and going on nightly drives to find turtle hatchlings and assist with their journey back into the sea.

In addition to being involved with sea turtle conservation, volunteers will have the opportunity to visit the local children’s school, the local game reserve for game drives as well as surf, snorkel and scuba dive on the east coast of South Africa.