The Ultimate Marine conservation expedition FAQS -

The Ultimate Marine conservation expedition FAQS

Q Is there a preferable time to submit my application in hopes of gaining a spot on the roster?
A There is no cut off period of when to apply as we run our programs all year round. We do however book up quickly so we suggest booking early to secure your spot.
Q What is the age limitation for participating in Volunteer South Africa projects?
A We have a minimum age of 18 and there is no maximum age. If you are under 18 and wish to participate in one of our programs you may come with a guardian.
Q What is the minimum stay?
A A The minimum stay at the Marine conservation program is 2 weeks. If you need to become a certified diver or want to experience seeing a lot more marine animals it is recommended that you stay longer as it takes 1 full week to become dive certified.
Q How do the arrivals work/which airport do I arrive into?
A If arriving by air, we will be waiting for you at the Inhambane Airport (INH) arrivals hall.
Q Are flights included?
A No, flights are not included.
Q What are the flight arrival times?
A Arrival time is before 11am.
Q Do you monitor the flights?
A Yes, we monitor flights before your arrival to get the approximate time of your landing and will be at the airport waiting for you…
Q What if there’s a flight delay?
A Please contact us as soon as you receive notice of a flight delay.
Q Do I need a Visa?
A Please enquire through the Mozambique embassy in your country or go to the Mozambique Home Affairs link for more information regarding Visa requirments. Please note, we are not responsible for your traveling documentation.
Q When does the project start?
A Mondays. We will fetch you from the airport and take you to the project where you will have time to settle in and look around the grounds.
Q What if it doesn’t suit me to arrive on a Monday?
A For an additional cost, we can arrange for a special pick-up.
Q Are airport transfers included?
A Yes, 2 airport transfers are included (to and from the airport).
Q Can anyone apply?
A Yes, anyone can apply to join our program, subject to being 18 and physically fit, this program will require you to be able to swim at least 300 meters, this is for you own safety.
Q Do you cater for vegetarians or other dietary requirements?
A Yes, we can accommodate most dietary requirements, please ensure you let us know prior to arrival.
Q How do I pay for the project?

We require a $300 (USD) deposit to secure your place at the project, and ask for the remaining balance to be paid 60 days before your arrival. We have two payment option. You can either pay via international bank – transfer/wire (please note that the administration costs are at your expense) or you can pay via a safe and secure online credit card facility.

Q Do you offer payment options?
A Yes, you are welcome to discuss other payment options with us.
Q Is there a best time of the year to go?
A We are lucky to have incredible weather at the Living with Whale Sharks program. The temperature ranges from 22 degrees celcius to 35 degrees celcius. The evenings can be a bit cool and windy so a light sweater is recommended.
Q Which insurance company is often used for this type of trip?
A We offer our volunteers comprehensive coverage – please enquire with us. It is important to travel with insurance to ensure your security and safety.
Q Would I need any vaccinations /anti-malaria medication?
A You would require tetanus and malaria prophylactics medication, please speak to your Doctor and advise him that you will be diving and that you will not be able to take certain malaria prophylactics while diving.
Q Are there any medical facilities on site to deal with serious issues quickly?
A We have a hospital within 30 minutes of the project
Q Do I need mosquito repellent?
A Yes, we highly suggest mosquito repellent.
Q What do you recommend for communication between Mozambique and home?
A Your volunteer package includes an internet connection in certain areas of the lodge. Volunteers are recommended to purchase a pay-as-you-go SIM card for their mobile phone upon their arrival in Tofo, this way you will save on international roaming rates. We also recommend that you use internet voice over IP links like Skype or Whats app while on WiFi as this will save you a lot of money.
Q Do you offer any discounts to volunteers?
A Volunteers receive a 5% discount if they opt for two or more packages.
Q Any returning volunteer discount?
A Yes, past volunteers receive 10% off their future volunteer experience.