The Ultimate Marine conservation expedition More Info -

The Ultimate Marine conservation expedition More Info

Volunteer and help us with integral marine conservation in one of the most marine-rich locations on Earth
Few destinations on earth can compare to Mozambique. One of Africa’s hidden gems. It is a melting pot of different cultures, with elements of Arab, Indian, and Chinese amongst the chief Portuguese and Bantu influences.Mozambique’s principal draw card is its beaches and below-water action, Tofo beach is one of the most marine-rich locations on Earth.Our Marine volunteers will be based in Tofo, Mozambique; you won’t get closer to literally living on the beach.

Tofo is a vibrant little town characterised by local markets, friendly people and the stunning East African coastline and is also home to the best diving and surfing spots in Mozambique.

Tofo, is also one of the marine wonders of the world, it is well known for its bountiful marine life which includes but is not limited to dolphins, turtles, fish, sea horses, star fish, whales, giant manta rays and most famously the docile whale sharks. Working closely with an our numerous marine scientists who work to protect and conserve the marine populations along the Mozambican coastline; this program focuses on educating volunteers about these endangered species while working with the local communities and allows you to assist us with this important work

As a volunteer at our Ultimate Marine Conservation Expedition – Seriously! program you will participate in many activities including scuba dives, ocean safari’s, village tours, school trips, trips to the estuary and beautiful sunset beach bonfires.

Volunteers will receive 4 ocean activities per week; a combination of ocean safari’s and scuba dives. Volunteers are also able to receive their scuba dive license during their time at our program.

Please note that we can not guarantee that you will see Manta Rays and Whale Sharks during your volunteer stay. These are depleting animals and although we work our hardest to find them they are wild animals. We recommend that volunteers stay 2+ weeks to increase their chances.

Volunteers live in the volunteer’s house with a breath-taking view over Tofo’s main beach, equipped with all the necessary amenities – kitchen, shared bathrooms, computer and internet connection (In certain areas). You will stay in comfortable twin rooms with a maximum of 12 volunteers staying at any one time. The Science centre is located only a few steps away from the volunteer house. Accommodation is of a good standard and blends into the coastal dune setting, with most furnishings made out of locally sourced natural materials.
Monday – Thursday: (7am to 4pm) Boat Based Diving or Boat Based Ocean Exploration (4 Boat Trips a week), scientific data and photo ID collection, data entry onto web based science portals, discussing different scientific models being used by our scientists, monitoring underwater camera trap footage, monitoring community based marine breeding area protection, collection of data for plastic pollution study and collection of plankton samples.

Friday: Excursion. (Estuary reef snorkeling or Coastal reefs trips)

Saturday Morning: Beach clean-up / marine lessons teaching local children from our local swimming program.

Sunday: Day OFF

All food will be provided for volunteers. Every meal, volunteers will order off a set menu.
Pandane Coral Gardens, snorkelling in the estuary, sunset beach trips, visit local villages, beach bonfire and sunset, whale watching (Between June and September) and additional megafauna watching at Tofino  beach and many more!
Volunteers are able to have their laundry in each week at a small fee
When possible, the client will be moved to another suitable date. Cancellations made 61 or more days prior to the state of the booking will be subjected to an administrative feed to cover the bank charges involved with refunding the client, as well as program reservation. Cancellations made 60 days or less prior to the start date of the booking will be subjected to a 50% fee of the booking rate, which exception of an administrative fee, will be transferred back into the bank account it came out of. Cancellations made 30 days or less prior to the start date of the booking will be subjected to a 100% fee of the total booking rate (the package rate). In other words, you will not be refunded.