16 Day Zimbabwe Tour

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Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries on the sub-continent, Zimbabwe can boast of spectacular features including ancient ruins from an unknown past, one of the largest rivers in Africa and an abundance of game and wildlife reserves, an efficient tourism infrastructure and a vibrant – friendly local population. Our tour is primarily a camping safari with limited comforts but unlimited adventure. Flexibility and an open mind are essential.

We depart from the GREENFIRE LODGE JOHANNESBURG at 06h30 and travel north to cross the border at Beit Bridge around noon. After completing the formalities at the border we continue northward towards Masvingo and on to Great Zimbabwe, where we spend our first night in relative comfort. Own Expense Meals

Rising with the sun, we visit the Monument to view the magnificent structures, and to ponder over the mystery surrounding their origin. Thereafter we continue east to the Save River Game Reserve, an area offering some of the finest wilderness in Zimbabwe. We will spend two nights here in our private rustic bush camp, and will explore the area both on foot and in an open vehicle. B L D ; B L D

Leaving the Lowveld, we travel through Mutare, and into the Eastern Highlands, an area of spectacular scenery, forests, mountains and waterfalls. This afternoon we will conduct a short hike in the surrounding mountains. Camp the night. B L D

An early start, we travel westward along the winding descent into the capital city, Harare, where we enjoy a short stop for lunch (own expense). Leaving Harare, we continue to our overnight stop near Chinhoyi, where we spend the remainder of the day enjoying a walk in the wilderness surrounding our camp. B D

A short drive today before we descend into the Zambezi Valley on a road that follows ancestral Elephant paths. Then it’s on to Lake Kariba, the third largest man-made lake in the world. In the afternoon we enjoy a boat cruise on the lake, return to camp the night on the shores. B L D

After exploring the town of Kariba, we cross the dam wall to enter Zambia. Our next stop is Gwabi, at the confluence of the Kafue and mighty Zambezi rivers. The afternoon is spent preparing for the upcoming canoe trip. We camp the night. B L D

A mighty river literally boiling with hippo and crocodiles, and luring every imaginable animal to drink from its sandy banks, the Zambezi needs very little introduction – and justifiably so. We start the adventure from Gwabi and then continue down the River, past Mana Pools, at our own pace. Paddling with the strong current, we spend two days on the water, game viewing and bird watching, camping wild on islands each night. The trip ends at the Chongwe River. We transfer back by boat to overnight once again at Gwabi camp where we enjoy a welcome restaurant meal. (own expense). B L D ; B L D ; B L

An early start this morning, we travel though Zambia, via Livingstone, and then view the phenomenal Victoria Falls before crossing the original steel Railway Bridge to Zimbabwe. Here you are able to wander around, exploring the multitude of curio stalls and the other attractions that this bustling town has to offer. We spend two nights here in the GREENFIRE LODGE VICTORIA FALLS, giving those who wish to do so the opportunity of participating in a day’s white-water rafting below the Fall’s (own expense). We will eat at a restaurant on one of these two nights (own expense). B L D ; B

Leaving the vibrant town of Victoria Falls, we head for our private bush camp in Hwange. This afternoon / evening we will conduct an open-vehicle game drive / walk experience in search of the herds of game that this area is so well known for. Camp the night. B L D

An early start, after breakfast we head for the wide streets of Bulawayo, and then on to our camp nestled amongst the precariously balancing boulders of Matobo. This afternoon we enjoy a game drive and rhino tracking on foot – in the National Park, before returning to camp for a celebratory meal at the local restaurant. (own expense). B L

Starting the homeward journey, we cross the border back into South Africa, and then travel the short distance to our camp within a private game reserve in Kalahari sandveld. We will spend the afternoon here simply relaxing, and viewing bushman paintings and animals on the property. B L D

A leisurely start this morning, we pack up camp and continue south to arrive in Johannesburg in the afternoon. B
The day by day descriptions published are intended as a rough guideline only. Adventure travel by nature is unpredictable, weather patterns, game migrations, road conditions and a multitude of other factors may necessitate itinerary changes that ultimately are for the client’s benefit. It is essential that clients are flexible and open minded in this regard.

The 16 Day Botswana Tour departs from Johannesburg and ends back in Johannesburg again on the last day. Guests can extend their stay in South Africa by booking Pre-Tour or Post-Tour Accommodation at the Greenfire Lodge Johannesburg.

Please contact Drifters or your agent for more information.

Option Activities in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

White Water Rafting – Low Water
White Water Rafting – High Water
Gorge Swing
Tandem – Gorge Swing
Zip Line
Sundowner Cruise

Please note: Optional activities can be booked on arrival in Victoria Falls, no bookings are made in advance.
Rates are subject to change without notice
Activities are subject to availability
Activities are weather dependent

General Information

Please note that Southern African weather conditions vary tremendously from season to season. During summer months temperatures of up to 40°C can be experienced. During the winter months of June, July and August the nights are very cold, temperatures may drop well below 0°C, although the day temperatures will be pleasant at around 20°C. Please take weather conditions into consideration when choosing a sleeping bag for your tour.

Herewith, a recommended guide of what to bring along:

**Backpack/Barrelbag/Soft Suitcase
Sleeping Bag & Small Pillow
Sport Shoes/Sneakers
Long Trousers/Tracksuit
Waterproof Windbreaker
T-Shirts/ Shirts
Socks, Underwear
Swimming Costume & Towel
Passport/Visas (if applicable)
Water Bottle
Sun Cream
Insect Repellent
Mosquito Net (Optional)
Malaria Prophylaxis
***Refreshments (alcohol, coke etc)
Money (Sundry expenses, gratuities)
Camera, Binoculars (Film)
Books (Birds, Mammals etc.)
Sewing kit

** Luggage should be limited to a maximum of 15kg’s HARD SUITCASES ARE NOT SUITABLE!!
*** Refreshments can be purchased en-route on the first day of the tour, and at regular intervals on the tour.

Meals are provided as indicated in the brochure/website. We do not provide meals on the first day and the last day of your tour. We do however stop en-route; therefore it is always possible to buy something along the way. Soft drinks, bottled water and alcohol are for your own expense; there is ample opportunity during the tour to buy refreshments. The guide will advise when you need to stock up for a couple of days.

A reasonable amount of personal spending money must be brought on our tours. This is to cover own expense meals, bottled water, soft drinks, alcohol, sundry goods purchased- such as film, suntan cream etc., curios, optional extra excursions, airport tax, transfers and tips. In South Africa it is common courtesy to tip casual help for services rendered. In the case of your guide, if you were happy with his or her services, an amount of R 50 per day per person would constitute a reasonable tip. By not tipping for services you are expressing displeasure. Credit card payments are NOT accepted for the activities in Vic Falls. Payments can be made in any of the following currencies: South African Rand and US Dollar.

Please ensure that you are in possession of valid travel documents for all the countries, (Zimbabwe and Zambia) that you will visit. If you have any queries in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please ensure that you have proof of further travel arrangements if you do not have a South African: passport, permanent residency permit, work permit or study permit. Although we will endeavor to assist, we do not accept any liability or obligation for your travel documents.

The contact telephone number for the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria is: +27 (0) 12 326 1847 and the Zimbabwe Trade mission in Johannesburg: + 27 (0) 11 838 2156 / 9
Or visit Zambia Tourism at www.zambiatourism.com and www.zimbabwetourism.net

Make sure that your passport has at least six months’ validity from your planned date of return to your home country.
Make two photocopies of valuable documents such as your passport, tickets, visas and travelers cheques. Keep one copy with you in a separate place to the original and leave another copy with someone at home.

Zimbabwe accepts US Dollar, South African Rand and other major currencies. Your money should be taken in small CASH denominations. Only use US Dollar printed after 2004. Zambian Kwacha is the currency used in Zambia. Zambian Kwacha can be obtained at a main branch of any major bank in South Africa. Availability in foreign countries varies from country to country. Travelers cheques are a safe way to transport money, however there are only limited opportunities to exchange your Travelers Cheques for cash. Please do not rely on credit cards, as most of the places we visit on this tour will not have the facilities to deal with them. Drifters trucks have safe-keeping facilities for extra cash/flight tickets/passports.

It is compulsory that all passengers make arrangements for adequate travel insurance to financially safeguard against unforeseen circumstances. If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us. Drifters do not accept responsibility for any loss, injury, damage, accident, fatality, delay or inconvenience experienced whilst on tour. You will be required to complete and sign a full indemnity prior to tour departure.

A Yellow Fever vaccination is compulsory for Zambia and you will need to present proof at border posts. Strongly recommended additional vaccinations are Polio, Tetanus, Typhoid, Meningitis and Hepatitis A..
Malaria prophylaxis is essential. Please consult with your general practitioner regarding the correct prophylactics for you. Resistant strains of Malaria occur in all the countries we will visit and adequate chemo-prophylaxis is essential. Prevention is better than cure; please use insect repellent on exposed areas after sunset. Malaria is a very common ailment in Africa; however adequate preventative measures greatly reduce the risk of contracting the disease. All Drifters guides have first aid boxes for use in emergencies, however we recommend that you bring along your own basic supply of medication, headache tablets etc.

16 Day Zimbabwe Overland Safari – Johannesburg to Johannesburg – $2,430