Hi I’m Amanda and I’m from the United States I’m here in Africa living a big cat. I had so much fun living with big cat I mean I have elephants zebras ostriches lions tigers you name it in my backyard and I don’t get that back at home. It was such a fun time because not only do I get to interact with most of these animals but I get to learn about them so I can go back to and educate others about the conservation that’s necessary. In addition to that I contribute to their daily lives by cleaning enclosures assisting and buildingRead More →

Hi my name is Truman I’m from Kansas USA and I’m living with the cats. One of the things that I really wanted to make sure that I was a part of what I got here was interacting with animals and as soon as I arrived we started working. We weren’t taking pictures or anything like that but we were cleaning the enclosures and that really stuck out to me. That we’re actually helping these animals we’re feeding them taking care of them and making sure that where they live is completely clean.Read More →

Hey what’s up guys john here and as I mentioned last time I was recently overseas doing some conservation projects with Volunteers Southern Africa. While I was there I visited their brand new project which is called living with sea turtles. Living with sea turtles is a brand new project that just launched and it’s focused on marine life and sea turtle conservation. When they first asked me if I want to go I didn’t really know what to expect what you go to Africa usually think of animals like lions elephants giraffes but not sea turtles. I went in with an open mind butRead More →

Hi my name is Asha. I’m from Australia and I’m living with big cats. A lot of my work is focused around maintaining a habitat, their enclosures and we also get through a lot of hands-on work with the animals. So I don’t think you can get in many other places. Being at this program has definitely inspired me to travel the world more. This is my first time away from home in Australia I’ve really loved every second of traveling you have stuff go wrong but it’s great.Read More →

Hi I’m Zoe I’m from England and I’m living with big cats. Waking up here every morning is so different to my life back in the UK. The Sun is always shining the animals are always making noise around you and it’s so amazing just to be able to like have this opportunity. Everyone here is so friendly and so lovely it’s so nice to wake up here every day.Read More →

Hey my name is Michael. I’m from Austria and I’m living with big cats. I really like the fact that they rescue the animals and that we have the chance and the possibility to race them. Big lions like little ones. A lot of different running around animals like wildebeest zebra giraffes. I would really recommend this program because it’s really a life-changing experience.Read More →

Hi I’m Jana I’m from Denmark and I’m living with big cats. My favorite experience is the Elephant Walk. We go for a long walk where the elephant is kind of leading the route. So just following them and they get to eat and we get to interact with them. Being at this project has taught me a lot about people and interacting with people. It has taught me a lot about myself and the African about life and the culture down here I love it.Read More →

Hi I’m Victoria Hi I’m Stephanie We’re from Brazil. We’re living with big cats. What I like about this place is that we can be close to the animals all the time. We’re walking from breakfast and we see a giraffe- it’s amazing. Every day the animals teaching something to for me – it’s very special.Read More →

Hey I’m Claire I’m from Australia and I’m living with big cats. My favorite experience here has been meeting so many people from so many different places. There’s people here from about 20 to 30 different countries. The language barrier sometimes can be really funny, it’s great just to chat to everyone. Being at this project has taught me you know how easy it is to come to a place like this, on your own and make friends and just have a really great time.Read More →

Hi I’m Robin, I’m from England and I’m living with big cats. My favorite thing about this project is just a sense of community here, all the people who work here are so so dedicated to all of the animals. From the biggest cat to the tiny little goslings in the pond. Everyone is taken care of exactly same and given the same amount of attention and love and they treat everyone like family.Read More →