Hi my name is and I’m from Ontario Canada . I’ve always loved animals and protecting wildlife the Elephant and Rhino poaching is something that’s really bad right now so I wanted to come here and try to help them as much as I can the best part about this program for me is getting the hands-on experience with the Elephants it’s just like an amazing experience so surreal getting to connect to nature and wildlife and stuff like that is just like it’s just so different than anywhere else .Read More →

Hi my name is Evie I live in Finchley Park London we’ve been offered really incredible opportunities actually have breakfast with Elephants part of that experience has allowed me to see a Rhino face to face and he how large it is its just phenomenal to be able to look into the eyes of the creature that normally you’re not allowed to be close to one of the really amazing magical experiences is standing right next to an elephant and walking just behind a Rhino it’s extraordinary .Read More →

Hey I’m Pedro I’m for Brazil and I’m living with big cats . I was here last year I have pretty good experiences here so let’s I to come back to try something more . The Lion walk and the Elephant Walk top job and feeding the animals my favorite things here it’s good for you is good for you sure you’re gonna meet a lot of different peoples a lot of different cultures in the same place work it together we live like like a family here .Read More →

Hi I’m Ari and I’m from America hi I’m Sophie and I’m from Australia and we’re living with bag cats . For anyone interested or thinking about coming to this program I would definitely recommend it because it’s been the best experience of my life don’t be scared to go out of your box and do something different yeah I definitely say do it even by yourself I did it by myself and it was honestly the best experience ever you work so close with animals and you honestly feel like you made such a difference and you made great friends .Read More →

Hi my name is Alice I’m from England and I’m living with big cats . Waking up here everyday is excitment no day is the same you don’t know what you’re going to wake up to I walked with Lions interacted with different animals Elephant walks in the morning I’ve gone Horse riding . Coming here I never expected to make such good friendship I’ve definitely made lifelong friends here .Read More →

My name is my Miyu from Finland and I’m living with big cats . I’ve been working with Lions and Elephants training Tigers and Lions my favorite is probably the Elephant walk so we walk them early in the the morning we go up the hills it’s just awesome to see like the sunrise and hang out with those gorgeous animals so we have quite the international group here and everyone’s just so great because we’re all here for the same reasons to be with the animals and work so it’s really easy to get along with everyone it has exceeded my expectations like everyone’sRead More →

I’m Gina I’m from England and I’m here with the big cats . So this week I’ve been helping out with a Warthog enclosure that and making a burrow for them to go down and I’ve done some of the animal interactions on the trail in pods with the Lions and the Tigers I’ve also met little cup called Cody he’s adorable I was nervous at first because I was traveling on my own but I’ve come here and everybody’s made me feel welcome it’s just a lifetime experience and you’ve never going to get it anywhere else .Read More →

Hi so I’m Bonita I’m from Virginia in the United States and I’m here in South Africa . Every day we pretty much go out on a morning and an evening drive and we’ll go out and we’ll collect data we have a specific goal each drive so sometimes we’ll be looking for Rhino sometimes Lions sometimes Elephants . We’ll record the location how many there are their ages their sex like GPS coordinates and stuff like that . It’s been absolutely phenomenal I definitely recommend doing it especially if you live outdoors if you love nature if you love animals this is definitely onRead More →

Hi I’m Jillian I’m from Texas and I’m living with big cats . This is my first trip overseas I’ve never been anywhere like this before so this experience for me was really amazing the enrichment with the animals is amazing feeding the animals Lion walks Elephant walks we’ve had a couple of excursions to there’s all kinds of fun stuff that goes on .Read More →

For Immediate Release Millennials: The New Heroes of Wildlife Conservation A new generation of hands-on conservation champions Johannesburg South Africa 10 May 2019 – While often criticized for being self-absorbed and lazy, Millennials are emerging as the driving force behind a new generation of hands-on volunteer travelers, who are making a significant impact on wildlife conservation – on the ground, where it counts. It may surprise many conservationists to learn that Millennials – so often considered as spoiled and lazy – are supporting wildlife conservation in ways that are making a substantial impact. And their support is not just passive – this is a generationRead More →