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We’ve enjoyed hosting more than 9,500 Vulunteers from 25 different countries over the last decade, who have made a positive difference in many local communities and have contributed to the rehabilitation of more than 1,100 animals – many of which are endangered!
These conservation champions make a tangible contribution to the conservation of the magnificent wild life in Africa and the upliftment of less privileged communities, while experiencing a safe, first-class African adventure.

Our volunteers are shining examples of the difference each of us can make by actively volunteering, and they multiply their contribution by creating awareness of conservation efforts through sharing their African experiences within their spheres of influence.
Come and enjoy a safe, first-class conservation experience in Africa!

You can choose from a selection of ethical and professional animal conservation across southern Africa which we have partnered with. These projects adhere to the highest ethical standards and make a tangible contribution to the protection and rehabilitation of the African wild and the positive upliftment of local communities.
Choosing a Volunteer Southern Africa experience not only ensures that your volunteering efforts make a real impact, but also ensures your safety and comfort as you enjoy a first-class African conservation experience! Our team is ready to help you create the volunteering experience of a lifetime and to assist you at every step of your exciting adventure.
Tell us when you would like to volunteer and we will find the best volunteer experience for you!

Living With Big Cats

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Living with Big Cats

Living With Orphaned Rhinos

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Living With Orphaned Rhinos

Living with cheaters

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Living with cheaters

Living with Elephants and Rhinos


Living with Elephants and Rhinos
9,500+ Happy Volunteers
1,000+ Rehabilitated Animals
850+ Returning Volunteers


We’ve hosted over 9,500 volunteers from 25 different countries.

Since establishing nearly a decade ago, Volunteer Southern Africa has formed partnerships with ethical animal conservation programs across southern Africa. As an organization, our number one priority is to ensure that volunteers have a once in a lifetime experience while giving back to each of our programs both financially and through service work.


Seven different conservation programs

Volunteer Southern Africa is proud to offer seven different wildlife programs across South Africa. Our premium programs range from working with wildlife in a sanctuary, collecting data while on game drives in Kruger National Park to catching and tagging sharks in the Western Cape. Our team is here to help you decide which program is best for you.


Feel at ease when volunteering at our programs.

Volunteer Southern Africa understands and recognizes that there are hundreds of wildlife volunteer programs available; therefore, our team works hard to ensure that each of our programs adheres to ethical standards while working with wildlife at all times. By constantly monitoring our programs, we guarantee that our programs remain safe and fun for our volunteers while ensuring conservation is a top priority.

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Experience as much of Africa as possible

In addition to our volunteer programs, we proudly offer nine overland safari tours that travel all throughout Africa. Our premium tours travel through South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda and is the best way to see as much of Africa as possible.