Animal Conservation in South Africa

Hi I’m Amanda and I’m from the United States I’m here in Africa living a big cat.

I had so much fun living with big cat I mean I have elephants zebras ostriches lions tigers you name it in my backyard and I don’t get that back at home.

It was such a fun time because not only do I get to interact with most of these animals but I get to learn about them so I can go back to and educate others about the conservation that’s necessary.

In addition to that I contribute to their daily lives by cleaning enclosures assisting and building new ones for other animals and preparing food and feeding the animals.

The volunteers and I worked very hard to transform this pig pen into an ostrich enclosure, as you can see the three young ostriches are enjoying it very much.

So I’m on a lion walk with the other volunteers right now and the lion cubs are actually trained to hop into the back of the truck and their own little caged area and then travel all the way over here to this open reserve.

Then we let them out and they run freely and it’s so cute to see them play and jump around especially in this area where they belong so it’s really good for enrichments.

It’s really a great for taking pictures.

The program also offers different activities such as excursions that you can participate in

Also met so many great people from different countries around the world and have developed long-lasting relationships with them.

Hi my name is Truman I’m from Kansas USA

Hi I’m Andre I’m from England

Hi my name is Johanna and I’m from Canada

Hello my name is Steve from California USA

Hello I’m Emery and i’m from England and i am living with big cats.

What makes the trip is the instructor with the animals.

The thing I love most about this program is that you can tell that the animals here are truly respected that are really well cared for and you get to come to Africa and interact with the animals.

One of the things that I really wanted to make sure that I was a part of what I got here was interacting with animals and as soon as I arrived we started working we weren’t taking pictures or anything like that but we were cleaning the enclosures and that really stuck out to me we’re actually helping these animals or feeding them taking care of them and making sure that where they live is completely clean.

This is milkweed so we’re removing it from the ground right now because it’s not good for the animals to eat and it also absorbs too much water from the ground.

You have a lot of interaction with the animals which is really great get to hear their stories you get to learn a lot about them.

I wanted to come to Africa like since I was tiny so choosing the right project to do was like really really important so like I can say that I definitely chose the right one and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

I’m telling you this big cats program is the best.