Hi I’m Kevin I’m from the United States and I’m living with big cats . Early September I saw that VSA was having a competition to find the next project leader here at big cat so I made a short video and I sent it in they end up choosing me when I first came here a year ago I was a volunteer it was by far one of the best things I’ve ever done . As soon as I left the volunteer program went back home I was trying to find different ways to make my way back here since I’m a project leaderRead More →

Hi my name is Laerke and I’m Agnete and we were living with big cats . We have been doing a lot of fun stuff game drives, Lion walks, Rhino Tracking we have met a bunch of new people overall this is really, really cool doing it with people that you really like it just made it makes it all like so much more fun everybody is so good and I’m crying when we have to say goodbye to people, yeah for sure .Read More →

Hi my name is Aubrey I’m from Michigan and I’m living with big cats I came to this program because I’ve always been interested in wildlife and Africa with the cats to the Elephants Giraffes . My most memorable experience is probably working with the three Lion cubs the Rhino tracking experience was like something I’ve never dreamed of so it was definitely something I’ll always remember . For me it took me a while I was looking into this for about a year am I gonna like it or do I want to be away from home but it’s just kind of one ofRead More →

Hi I’m Wolfie I’m from the UK and I’m here living with big cats the first time I met the Lion cubs was pretty cool because even though I knew I was going to be meeting Lion cubs it was still really strange to just go in and they just walk past you so if they want to walk with you then they’ll walk with you and if not you can see them from a distance but it’s still pretty cool because they’re still there so be that close to lions is just incredible you would never believe that an animal that big and withRead More →

Hi I’m Caroline hi I’m Chloe we’re from England and we’re living with big cats I came to this program because I love animals predominantly big cats and Chloe went to a program last year and wanted to come again this year so I tagged along . So we’ve been in with the Lion cubs quite a lot we’ve taken them down to the water hole . We just went for a walk with the Elephants which was awesome amazing like so surreal . It’s really hard to put into words that you’re in a cage with three Lion cubs and you’re not being eatenRead More →

Hi so I’m Bernita I’m from Virginia in the United States and I’m here in South Africa . Every day we pretty much go out on a morning and an evening drive and we’ll go out and we’ll collect data we have a specific goal each drive so sometimes we’ll be looking for Rhino sometimes Lions sometimes Elephants . We’ll record the location how many there are their ages their sex like GPS coordinates and stuff like that it’s been absolutely phenomenal I definitely recommend doing it especially if you love the outdoors we love nature if you love animals this is definitely on theRead More →

The Top Wildlife Volunteer Opportunities in Southern Africa The sheer range of options for wildlife volunteer opportunities in Southern Africa are endless. So how would you choose the right experience for you?There are ethical volunteer agencies doing great work helping volunteers to choose the right projects. Be wary, however, as there are a number of unscrupulous agencies around too. With a decade of experience in assisting wildlife conservation volunteers to enjoy a safe and meaningful experience, Volunteer Southern Africa is a wildlife conservation volunteering program with a vision of long-term sustainability for Africa’s wildlife. It is our mission is to recruit, host and look afterRead More →

Hi my name is and I’m from Ontario Canada . I’ve always loved animals and protecting wildlife the Elephant and Rhino poaching is something that’s really bad right now so I wanted to come here and try to help them as much as I can the best part about this program for me is getting the hands-on experience with the Elephants it’s just like an amazing experience so surreal getting to connect to nature and wildlife and stuff like that is just like it’s just so different than anywhere else .Read More →

Hi my name is Evie I live in Finchley Park London we’ve been offered really incredible opportunities actually have breakfast with Elephants part of that experience has allowed me to see a Rhino face to face and he how large it is its just phenomenal to be able to look into the eyes of the creature that normally you’re not allowed to be close to one of the really amazing magical experiences is standing right next to an elephant and walking just behind a Rhino it’s extraordinary .Read More →

Hey I’m Pedro I’m for Brazil and I’m living with big cats . I was here last year I have pretty good experiences here so let’s I to come back to try something more . The Lion walk and the Elephant Walk top job and feeding the animals my favorite things here it’s good for you is good for you sure you’re gonna meet a lot of different peoples a lot of different cultures in the same place work it together we live like like a family here .Read More →