Living with big cats from houston

Hi I’m Lindsay I’m from Houston Texas and I’m living with big cats.

I wanted to come here because I just really wanted to come to Africa see the animals do some work it’s really awesome I love it I’m so happy that I came we have done a lot of things especially my being here for two months weeding and building things we built a pen for bunny and a guinea pig we can do elephant walks and lion walks I think one of my other favorite things is the animal calling which is when we get on the back of a truck call all the animals come come come come and then you see all the zebra’s and wildebeest’s and hostages as well they all just start running after the truck and then we pour down to the feed and they all come and the giraffes as well and it’s a great photo it’s also really cool to see all the animals come together if you’re on the fence about coming out to Africa I definitely was just do your research do you research about where you want to go about coming here and I think you should just come it’s it’s so much fun I’m having the time of my life here I never want to leave.