Fund My Travel

If you are ready and excited to start planning your trip, but discouraged by a financial road block, VSA has another solution for you. We have teamed up with FundMyTravel, who provides us with an online platform where you can fundraise for your meaningful travel experience. You create a campaign page, complete a brief profile to build trust, add a video and tell your story!

FundMyTravel is an online platform where you can create your very own profile and fundraising page, lets you share your page through various social media channels and allows you to collect the funds to offset your travel costs. Just click here to learn more and if you ever need ideas or tips about successful fundraising strategies, the FundMyTravel team will be there to support you through their Resources page, email, and even through Facebook.

FundMyTravel has a team of dedicated staff who want to help VSA participants reach their fundraising goals. They can provide tips and insights on the best ways to spread your word and offer sharing tools to get your campaign greater exposure through social media and email. Click the button at the top to learn more and get started!

FundMyTravel Documentation:

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