Volunteer with orphaned rhino calves


Hi I’m Peter Lishentall and I’m from New York Manhattan and I’m here living with orphan rhinos.

There’s about I’m gonna say 23 orphan rhinos here they have a lot of other animals as well like these two hippos Emma and Molly three lions meerkat dykey owls a lot of stuff so as a volunteer you have a pretty set schedule you wake up feed the Rhinos so we make a specific milk solution depending on the Rhinos needs likes things like that we clean and then for the rest of the day it’s pretty much just prepping for their feed making sure that everything is running smoothly in the farm we have a fun group that loves to mess around.

Accommodations you get your own cabin or you might have a roommate it’s nice you have a fan their electricity your own shower your own bathroom everything you do is pretty much gonna make an impact.

These are some animals that definitely need a change in their in their lives.