Volunteer with orphaned Rhinos

I’m Anna and I’m living with orphaned rhinos I just absolutely love it here we do five feeds a day for all of our rhinos and so throughout the day we will be crapping milk mixing the milk teaching all the bottles feeding the Rhinos and then doing a big bottle washer at the end of it so it is very hard work the majority of our baby miners here or orphans because their moms have been poached so they come here this is ex Langtry there’s nowhere else like this in the world most of the runners come from Kruger Park and they come here and we give them such intensive care and a place like this it’s really dependent on staff members and a lot of dedicated volunteers because without a place like this the Rhinos its baby riders would have no ESCO and they would be victims of their points in the wild animals would get them we do have rhinos here come up and attacked by poachers and by other wild animals as well so they need really intensive care so that’s why it’s really important that volunteers do come here you can’t do this experience anywhere else and it’s absolutely fantastic it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity unless you come back and do it again like I have done