Specialising in first time volunteers traveling to Africa
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Living With Big Cats


94% of Volunteers Recommend

Join our most popular program at an animal sanctuary with a number of big cats including lions, leopard, tigers and many other animals.

  • 15 Rescued Big Cats
  • 600+ volunteers each year

Living With Orphaned Rhinos



92% of Volunteers Recommend

Spend your time hand rearing, feeding and working on the rehabilitation of rhino calves whose mothers have been killed by poachers.

  • 25+ Rhinos released into the wild
  • Biggest rhino orphanage in the world

All Conservation Programs


5 Stars

More Top Rated Programs

We offer a wide variety of conservation programs that will cater to any volunteers needs. Click below to learn more.

  • 850+ Returning Volunteers
  • 10,000+ Volunteers since 2008

Why Volunteer With Us

Volunteer Southern Africa have become experts in the field from hosting over 9,500 volunteers from 25 different countries. We have formed partnerships with ethical animal conservation programs across southern Africa and continue to monitor and develop those relationships. As an organization, our number one priority is to ensure that our volunteers have a once in a lifetime experience while giving back to each of our programs both financially and through service work.

We understand and recognize that there are hundreds of wildlife volunteer programs available; therefore, our team works hard to ensure that each of our programs adheres to ethical standards while working with wildlife at all times.  By constantly monitoring our programs, we guarantee that our programs remain safe and fun for our volunteers while ensuring conservation is a top priority.


Who Volunteers With Us

78% of volunteers are
Students and Gap Year
8% of volunteers
are aged 50+
14% of volunteers
are Career Breakers

Volunteer Southern Africa can also cater to school groups & families.