Top five videos of African Animals

Anyone who travels to Africa and goes on a safari has the hope and anticipation that they will be the one to witness the next famous Battle at Kruger. However, the wild is unpredictable and timing is crucial.

If you come to Africa and see the Big Five (elephant, rhino, leopard, lion and buffalo) you are lucky. If you witness a kill or fight in the wild, then you are REALLY lucky. For those of you who aren’t able to make it to Africa (yet!) the power of a camera and the internet will allow you to live vicariously through those who have witnessed African animals in their true elements.

Here are five of our favorite videos of African animals:

1. Black Rhino at Etosha National Park, Namibia

Although out numbered, this black rhino stands his ground against three grown lions.

2. Herd of Elephants Rescue a Calf

Of course the fights and the kills in the African wild are exciting but this video shows just how caring and family oriented elephants can be – they never give up!

3. Kenya Wildlife, like never seen before!

The great migration in Kenya takes place each year and is an incredible site to see! Thousands of animals make their way across hundreds of kilometers.

4. Baby Rhino vs. Birds

This little rhino thinks he is the toughest rhino – too bad he can’t fly!

5. Battle at Kruger

With over 75 million views, this iconic video shows just how quickly circumstances can change in the wild.

What is your favorite wildlife video?