Wildlife conservation project leader

Hi guys I’m Kevin I’m from Washington and I’m gonna be your next project leader .

Let’s go, go, go, go, go.

Let’s go Scotty .

Last year I got to spend two amazing months working with big cats down in South Africa working all day hands-on with the most beautiful animals I have ever seen making new friends from around the world and making a difference on the reserve with them and not to mention if the best birthday .

People are always enjoy me being a project leader .

Project leader .

Project leader Kevin .

As product leader he was always the first one that was ready for work .

He’s hard working, dedicated to animals .

I don’t think that there’s anyone I know that could be a more awesome, spectacular project leader than Kevin Rich .

I want to work with VSA because the huge impact they’ve had an animal conservation and awareness they bring to people like me and I can’t wait to share that with others .

And I truly hope that you guys give him a chance .

We’d always joke that he was already a project leader .

Come on out of New York Kevin Rich .