A trip that is exciting and also a learning opportunity

We really wanted to take our students to a place that they probably would never go on their own.

We wanted the trip to be something that was exciting and also a learning opportunity so we thought South Africa – why not.

This place is just so great you need to walk around the place and all of a sudden zebras giraffes elephants. The other day we were walking up to breakfast and both three elephants walked right in front of us as we are going there to get food.

So what we just did was we got to follow all the volunteers around and see them feed on the different big cats. It was very surreal and intense.

This whole trips been amazing because I’ve seen so many things and learn so many things that I would never have seen or learned if I had not come.

You get neat facts from people who are living and taking care of these animals that you’ll never get from just the teacher reading out of a textbook.

Learning about all the survival stuff and conservation has been really cool also how important each piece of the ecosystem plays and how they interact and how one thing probably wouldn’t exist without another one. Even the smaller things you don’t think about like even dung beetles and snakes which most people hate have a pretty clear role.

So what we’re doing is we’re learning about the different animals around here and then after we learn about them we come out into the wilderness and then we actually to experience what we’re learning in a more hands-on setting.

So this place is not only great because the animals was also great because you get to experience South African culture. So what we did is we went out on the top of the mountain and we had some traditional African cuisine for dinner.

What’s apice are you making?

I’m not sure it’s secret African


Secret African spice.

After that the Sun started to go down and produce this great natural sunset with lots of oranges and yellows and blues and it was so critical to reflect off one side and then reflect on to the other side on the clouds where you can see a mirror image of it.