Living with Cheetahs in South Africa

Hi I’m April England I’m Roxy from America and we are living with cheetahs.

So far since we’ve been here we’ve fed the Cheetahs prepared the meat.

When we feed the cheetahs it’s kind of actually a long process you have to make sure that you sterilize everything and it’s really just taking care and making sure that they’re not gonna get sick.

We’ve interacted with the Cheetahs played with them we’ve gone around the breeding camps and seen the mums with their cubs. We’ve gone on game drives around the whole property.

I’ve learned a lot here which is kind of been my main goal and it’s just been a great experience to see everything in the wild.

Coming to South Africa as a group of people. I’ve always wanted to come here has been really amazing and just to see the culture and see all of the animals in their natural habitat has been really rewarding and really incredible to me.