Taking care of baby rhinos

I’m Alex Underwood and i’m from Texas and i’m here living with orphaned rhinos.

We start really early and so that your morning starts with preparing milk for the babies and then so you go down after you’ve done all the bottles takes about half an hour and feed babies and as well as the young ones that haven’t been weaned yet, you get to clean out the bonus is just very fun so shoveling poo helping the workers checking all the water we bag tap which is basically been here then depending on the day we wash towels and then we prep bottles again and there’s also baby duty we take your baby we cut meat for lions and meerkats and we have a cerval and jackals and oh the two hippos.

Of course I feel like I’m making a difference you can’t come here and not feel like you’re not making a difference you really are you’re part of it you’re part of what everyone on staff is doing.

ranch can’t survive without the volunteers we make a really big big difference.