Hey what’s up guys John here back in the summer of 2014 I went to a volunteer program called living with big cats wild edition, a lot of you are familiar with living with big cats which is a separate program where you take care of animals in a sanctuary but living with big cats wild edition as the name suggests is all about wild animals and research . Whatever you do one of these programs through volunteer Southern Africa are always looking for the places that do the most for the animals and offer the best experience from volunteers so the program was recentlyRead More →

Hi I’m Laura from Germany and I’m Jasmine from Switzerland and we’re living with big cats. My favourite experience is the animal work with the lions you can come really close to them and I think it’s really great . We clean up the stables from the Horses and the Elephant house we can go walking with the Elephants, we can go ride with the Horses, feed the animals feed the Giraffes . The best thing about being here is seeing the wildlife so close I think not many people get this opportunity in life so I think we can be really grateful for itRead More →

Hey what’s up guys John here and I’m currently back again in South Africa as I’ve done before I can spending some time in a few different projects with volunteer Southern Africa and I just got back from the all of you living with cheetahs program . The new little cheetahs program is really cool and one of the things that makes it so unique is that it’s headed by a world-renowned cheetah conservationist Ann van Dyk and has over 41 years in cheetah conservation and she’s probably the most successful, noble person in her industry . My name is Carmen and I am theRead More →

Hi I’m Stevie I’m from Scotland and I’m living with big cats . The project leaders here are awesome they’re so easy to talk to and so easy to get along with as well . Yesterday we all had a massive water fight we got water poured over us and then we got everyone involved . I love it here it’s my second time and I’m sure we’ve got plenty more times after .Read More →

Hey what’s up guys John here and last time you saw me visit one of the SA brand new projects, in this video I’m gonna do an update from living with big cats and I also want to answer some of the questions that you guys frequently ask . I’ve done a few videos from this project now so if you’ve missed any of those they’ll be down in the description if it’s your first time seeing these videos living big cats is a volunteer program in South Africa you work on a game farm you help take care of animals who can’t go backRead More →

Hi guys I’m Kevin I’m from Washington and I’m gonna be your next project leader . Let’s go, go, go, go, go. Let’s go Scotty . Last year I got to spend two amazing months working with big cats down in South Africa working all day hands-on with the most beautiful animals I have ever seen making new friends from around the world and making a difference on the reserve with them and not to mention if the best birthday . People are always enjoy me being a project leader . Project leader . Project leader Kevin . As product leader he was always theRead More →

Hi I’m David Watson and I’m from the UK and I’m living with big cats wild edition . The past year has been interesting it’s been a mixture of fair because you’re in the middle of the bush you don’t know where you are but it’s also make sure it’s got exciting things like you’re working with animals that you rarely get to see in the wild or where you get to help something that’s being introduced back into the wild so you’re giving something back to nature where you normally take that for granted so and well opening my eyes to a lot ofRead More →

Hi my name is Julia I’m from the United States and I’m working at the living with Cheetahs program . My favorite activity is feeding the Cheetahs in the morning we have to prepare the meat and then when we go out we get to see all of them and we get to feed them and see what how each of them react it was really fun . Other than feeding the Cheetahs we usually work in the camp and lately we’ve been working on their enrichment projects to have something that they can play with . The star of here is Sarki which isRead More →

International Volunteer Programs: The Best Way to Volunteer and to Travel If you are looking for international volunteer programs, you are on the right track. International volunteer programs are the best way to travel. And the best way to volunteer. And the best way to have an absolutely amazing experience – whether you are spending a gap year on a budget; going on a quest for adventure; or exploring the world while doing your bit to make it a better place. It is ideal for soul searchers, altruists and adventurers, combining itchy feet and helping hands in a way that benefits all concerned. Best WayRead More →

I would say the people that are coming go for it I mean it may may seem daring and unexpected if you’ve never done this before but it’s honestly the most brilliant experience ever you you get to be hands-on with the Rhinos get be hands-on with the Elephants and you just see them in their natural habitat with no strings attached they’re all very safe and protected and you are safe and protected as well which is the main thing .Read More →