Hey what’s up guys John here and welcome back up an extended hiatus so I took another trip to South Africa and I spent some time with volunteer Southern Africa’s living with big cats program for those of you who may not know this is a volunteer program that takes place in a family owned farm but an hour outside of Joburg and you help take care of wild animals who for different reasons can’t go back into the wild . I’ve made a bunch of videos from this program in the past which I’ll link down the description but what I want to doRead More →

Hi I am Thaize hi I am Valentina we’re from Brazil and we’re living with the big cats . We went to visit a shelter and they had lots of dogs and cats there, they were abandoned . We felt really greatful that we could share some love there and play with them, at the end of the day we were really happy that we could help them and make them feel happier and that was really nice .Read More →

Hi my name is Fernanda I’m from Brazil and I’m living with orphaned rhinos . So we woke up pretty early and fed the rhinos . We clean the bomas it’s pretty awesome being around such huge and amazing animal and it’s pretty rewarding like to be here, I’m loving it .Read More →

My name is Alison Selsbie and I live in Fulham London I’m here living with the big cats . It is amazing there is a lot of interaction with the animals all of them are being cared for because they can’t be released into the wild all of the animals have history all of the animals are so beautifully treated and just now you know there’s a wedding going on here . So we just under rounding out it’s hilarious because they’re all in the back of a van trailing some hand all shouting come, come, come guys sorry the zebra the donkey’s the ostrichRead More →

Hey what’s up guys John here for my last volunteer project while I was in Africa, I flew from South Africa to Zimbabwe . Zimbabwe is a place where I’ve been a couple times before it’s known for spectacular wildlife and Victoria Falls . This program in Zimbabwe is incredibly special and I’ll let my friends Rob and Morgan tell you a little bit more about it . Hi I’m Morgan and I’m Rob and we’re from Australia and we’re the volunteer coordinators at the SA’s new program in Zimbabwe . This project has a big focus on black rhino breeding and conservation we’ve actuallyRead More →

Hi I’m Belle and I’m from Australia and I’m living a big cats . So the other day we got surprised by all the volunteer project leaders where all of the elephants were sitting in one of the dams that we have here which is really special anyway and like I love elephants when elephants are swimming I was really emotional just because I love them so much I was really happy it’s such a special thing it doesn’t happen every day . why would I want to be at home when I can like watch elephants swim in a dam because I love themRead More →

Hey what’s up guys John here back in the summer of 2014 I went to a volunteer program called living with big cats wild edition, a lot of you are familiar with living with big cats which is a separate program where you take care of animals in a sanctuary but living with big cats wild edition as the name suggests is all about wild animals and research . Whatever you do one of these programs through volunteer Southern Africa are always looking for the places that do the most for the animals and offer the best experience from volunteers so the program was recentlyRead More →

Hi I’m Laura from Germany and I’m Jasmine from Switzerland and we’re living with big cats. My favourite experience is the animal work with the lions you can come really close to them and I think it’s really great . We clean up the stables from the Horses and the Elephant house we can go walking with the Elephants, we can go ride with the Horses, feed the animals feed the Giraffes . The best thing about being here is seeing the wildlife so close I think not many people get this opportunity in life so I think we can be really grateful for itRead More →

Hey what’s up guys John here and I’m currently back again in South Africa as I’ve done before I can spending some time in a few different projects with volunteer Southern Africa and I just got back from the all of you living with cheetahs program . The new little cheetahs program is really cool and one of the things that makes it so unique is that it’s headed by a world-renowned cheetah conservationist Ann van Dyk and has over 41 years in cheetah conservation and she’s probably the most successful, noble person in her industry . My name is Carmen and I am theRead More →

Hi I’m Stevie I’m from Scotland and I’m living with big cats . The project leaders here are awesome they’re so easy to talk to and so easy to get along with as well . Yesterday we all had a massive water fight we got water poured over us and then we got everyone involved . I love it here it’s my second time and I’m sure we’ve got plenty more times after .Read More →