I’m Anna and I’m living with orphaned rhinos I just absolutely love it here we do five feeds a day for all of our rhinos and so throughout the day we will be crapping milk mixing the milk teaching all the bottles feeding the Rhinos and then doing a big bottle washer at the end of it so it is very hard work the majority of our baby miners here or orphans because their moms have been poached so they come here this is ex Langtry there’s nowhere else like this in the world most of the runners come from Kruger Park and they comeRead More →

Hi I’m Julia I’m Janie and we’ve been here living with Cheetahs If I had to think of two words authentic and magical . We get to go feed them which is really cool so authentic because you really see what it’s like to run a farm with them when they’re cleaning when they’re preparing the food and how much they love the animals and a week is too short next time I come I’m going to do two weeks had the best time .Read More →

Hi my name is my release and I’m from Denmark so this is my third time at volunteering love it so much so I came back and I’m so happy about today we went on a game drive and we were very lucky we saw the big five Rhino elephant that Buffalo the lion and the leopard we were so lucky that we saw the leopard it was so amazing and it’s just amazing to see the nature here and we learn so much about the animals yeah just really exciting .Read More →

Hi my name is Holly and I’m from Scotland and I’m here in South Africa living with the big cats . I’m studying animal care back at home and we had to do work experience and we chose to do say volunteer southern Africa big cats project to help us with our work experience and while we’ve been here we have done so much activity as it’s been great and the other morning we went on an elephant walk the one thing that I really love that we’ve done was walking with the Lions . We do a lot of hard work we do aRead More →

Hi I’m Hannah I’m from Minnesota in the United States my name is Stephanie and I’m from france . I think one of our best memories is when we had to stay up with baby Lopho Oh from 3 till in the morning he was haxed by poachers on his spine and he was critically injured but we managed to save him with a lot of love and care so it was really incredible to be a part of that experience . I feel very lucky to be able to work with the rhinos in particular they are really incredible animals I’ve not only learnedRead More →

Hi i’M Ian from England living with orphan rhinos . I’ve lived with livestock all my life but rhinos are really something different . My most memorable experience is been feeding one particular Rhino a young black minor we’ve got a real character I just watched spending time with him . Apart from them being wild animals they have a real soft side to them and Im already falling in love with them .Read More →

Hi I’m Shelly I’m from Israel and i’m living with big cats . So I was here 10 months ago and I came for one week and it wasn’t enough so I came back again for two weeks it’s just the most amazing place in South Africa. So the thing that I love the most in this problem to train the animals . There is no other place that you make such a big interaction with the animals and you have such a big impact on them I feel part of the wild when I’m here and helping the nature is so important so it’sRead More →

Hi I’m Lindsay I’m from Houston Texas and I’m living with big cats. I wanted to come here because I just really wanted to come to Africa see the animals do some work it’s really awesome I love it I’m so happy that I came we have done a lot of things especially my being here for two months weeding and building things we built a pen for bunny and a guinea pig we can do elephant walks and lion walks I think one of my other favorite things is the animal calling which is when we get on the back of a truck callRead More →

Hi I’m Brooklyn from Australia hi I’m Sierra I’m from New Zealand and we are living with the cats. My most memorable experience is working with elephants taking them out on their morning walk getting to see them out in their natural habitat we go get them in the morning we watch them just graze with watch this eat we watch them interact we watched them with their handlers which is also a good thing to watch the bond between them and then after that we just come back and start our day of work. I would suggest to anyone that wants to come definitelyRead More →

Hi my name is Ben I’m from England and I’m living with big cats. So I was meant to be here first for two weeks I enjoyed it so much the people around me and also just all the interaction for the animals and the hard work I then decided i was going to extend so i stayed on for an extra nine days . Every two days we go feed the big cats we take truck along we put the meat on it and then you throw it into the enclosures there’s so many different animals here so it’s completely different you’ve got theRead More →