Hi I’m April England I’m Roxy from America and we are living with cheetahs. So far since we’ve been here we’ve fed the Cheetahs prepared the meat. When we feed the cheetahs it’s kind of actually a long process you have to make sure that you sterilize everything and it’s really just taking care and making sure that they’re not gonna get sick. We’ve interacted with the Cheetahs played with them we’ve gone around the breeding camps and seen the mums with their cubs. We’ve gone on game drives around the whole property. I’ve learned a lot here which is kind of been my mainRead More →

We really wanted to take our students to a place that they probably would never go on their own. We wanted the trip to be something that was exciting and also a learning opportunity so we thought South Africa – why not. This place is just so great you need to walk around the place and all of a sudden zebras giraffes elephants. The other day we were walking up to breakfast and both three elephants walked right in front of us as we are going there to get food. So what we just did was we got to follow all the volunteers around andRead More →

  Hi guys my name is tatum and i work at the administrative Department of Volunteer SA. I’m here at the living with big cats program and i’m here to meet some of the volunteers to make sure they’re having a good time. This morning we went on an elephant walk and we also watched some of the lions get worked. And i’m very excited to meet you please feel free to message me if you’ve got any questions and our have the answer.Read More →