Happy International Cheetah Day! Let’s #SaveTheCheetah As Our Planet’s Fastest Big Cat Races Against Extinction The feline icon of speed and grace, the cheetah is the fastest – and also the oldest – of all the big cats. Capable of reaching a top speed burst of 120km/h in just 3 seconds, with strides in excess of eight metres, cheetahs have outlived ice ages and sabre-tooth cats, remaining unchanged for three million years. Sadly, the world has lost 90% of its wild cheetah population in just the last 100 years, making the cheetah Africa’s most endangered big cat. There are now less than 7,100 cheetahs leftRead More →

Johannesburg South Africa 5 Dec 2019 – An estimated 1 billion people worldwide volunteer each year, constituting a powerful global force tackling the many challenges we face in our world today. On International Volunteer Day, instituted by the United Nations and celebrated on 5 December each year, we recognise and appreciate these selfless modern-day heroes and the astounding contribution to they make to shaping a better world for all, including conserving our planet’s endangered wildlife. If the world’s volunteers were a nation, they would constitute the largest adult population in the world, behind only China, and would have seventh largest economy in the world, behindRead More →