Hello my name is David I’m from Colombia and i’m here in the living with Cheetahs program . My activities are mainly feeding the Cheetahs but we are there is also a wide variety of animals here in the farm like Ostriches which you respond with you can touch which is quite nice thre is a baby Zebra which are great animals . My favorite activities anything in regarded to the Porcupine enclosure because the Porcupine is so gentle well this is my first time in Africa and you can say that my experience has been great people here at the farm are really kindRead More →

Hi my name is Colleen i’m from belgium and I’m at the livig with big cats program . I did work with the Elephants we also did the training with the big cats like the Tiger the Cheetah we also met Cody the baby Leopard you have a lot of activity just to the work here to help the animals i’m already i’m a story and I just want to stay to make people from all over the world such an amazing experience .Read More →

My name is Louise and I’m from Australia and I’m living with big cats so this is my second time here the last time it just really awesome loved working with the animals met some really amazing people that have actually come back with this time and went for the Elephant Walk that was really awesome should I good to just be with them especially I love their trunks Cody interaction was really awesome so such a majestic animal so beautiful 10 out of 10 obviously because I’m back a second time .Read More →

Hi I’m an Aniece I’m Sandrine and we’re from Switzerland and we’re living with cheetahs . To be part of the team that works here we have to upgrade the cheetah enclosure and today we did game driving yeah it was really really cool to see to be that close it was really exciting everybody is very friendly and you have the thing that you have a responsibility here it’s a great experience .Read More →

Wildlife Volunteer Opportunities If you are looking for wildlife volunteer opportunities, you might not only be surprised by how many opportunities exist around the world, you will also be pleased to find out that you can choose to work with wildlife that ignites your passion and join thousands of other volunteers who are making a real tangible difference to the protection of our wildlife – while also enjoying a travel opportunity and conservation experience of a lifetime.   Wildlife The vast array of wildlife species we know and love, and the undetermined number of species we are yet to discover, are a precious gift fromRead More →

Hi I’m Jill I’m from New York and I’m living with cheetahs Seeing cheetahs raised by their mothers is really amazing a lot of the times when you go somewhere the Cubs are separated here it’s amazing because they’re together it’s experiences like this that you can’t get in our whole country and I would definitely tell anyone from the states to go out there get involved because it’s an amazing experience and honestly I’m definitely not the same person that I was when I left .Read More →

Hi I’m Amelia and I’m from Denmark and I’m living with big cats . I came to this program because I love animals and I wanted to get up close with them . Being on this program we’ve done Elephant works Cheetah interaction Lion training and Horseback riding . This is an amazing experience and I’m so happy to have done it .Read More →