Hey what’s up guys John here bring you the third and final project I visited during my recent South Africa trip. The project is living with horses on Safari and it’s run by a woman named Tracy and her daughter. Hi I’m Tracy we are project that based up in Hoedspruit we’ve chosen to go with the horses in combination with the wildlife. We offer students like a variance you know. It’s not all about the wildlife they have a choice 15 the horse riding we go into the bush. We do lessons, a lot of skill riding and then obviously in the afternoons weRead More →

Hello I’m Bea and this is Toby from Switzerland. This is my husband 🙂 We really fancy all the animals so we tried to have a better contact to all the animals. We decided to come here. And we are very happy. When we are out here we had a walk with the elephants it was fantastic in the morning. My favourites are just to be so close to all the animals to nature the nice place. Super! Unbelievable!Read More →

  My name is Adam and I’m Taya and we live in New York City in the United States. We’re technically on our honeymoon we’re traveling for a while. We wanted more of an outdoor experience. The ostrich trapped us in our room – yeah we have a friendly ostrich with us every morning. Adam does yoga and the ostrich shows up every afternoon and joins him for yoga. We just cracked us up she’s hanging out on her front porch so I think that’s probably gonna be something really memorable. Beautiful animals.Read More →